Entering a Plea During Pandemic

For your safety and that of the Court staff, due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic, all Court Hearings are currently being held virtually via Zoom. Court begins promptly at the time indicated on your citation - please do not be late. It is recommended that you attempt to login a few minutes early per the instructions sent to you to be sure there are no problems with your device. Please be sure to change your settings when you are logging in (especially on a mobile device) so the Clerk is able to identify you.

The initial appearance date on your citation is to enter a plea only. You will be mailed a Plea Request Form to file with the Court office prior to your scheduled appearance date and a letter will accompany the form explaining your options. Please return the completed form one week prior to your scheduled appearance date to ensure that your information is updated in the Court system. If you do not wish to dispute the citation, you may check option 2 or 3 and simply mail in the forfeiture amount indicated on the citation. If you already posted bond at the time your citation was issued, do not pay again. If you wish to dispute your citation you may choose option 1 and your matter will be scheduled for a pre-trial conference with the City Attorney at a later date. All pre-trials are currently being handled by telephone. and you will be sent notice by mail with instructions to contact the City Attorney prior to the scheduled pre-trial date.

To Appear in Meeting With a Judge

If you wish to appear for a Zoom meeting with the Judge please check option 4 and be sure to provide an email that you wish to have the instructions sent to prior to the meeting. The Judge will not be able to discuss your case with until a plea is entered. After accepting your plea, the Judge may review the police report and your past record. You will then be able to make a brief statement. After a judgment is rendered, any applicable paperwork will be mailed to you. Please be sure that your current information is provided to the Clerk prior to leaving the meeting as any correspondence will be mailed to the address on file.