Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works in partnership with citizens to ensure, improve and maintain safe and desirable Lake Geneva neighborhoods.

City of Lake Geneva Common Code Violations

  • No structure or part thereof shall be located, erected, moved, reconstructed, extended, enlarges, converted or structurally altered without a zoning permit, except minor structures.
  • All exterior lighting must be shielded, except incandescent fixtures of 150 watts or less.
  • No illuminated flashing signs. (May not change more than once every 60 seconds).
  • All vehicle parking shall be on a hard paved surface. No parking on the lawn.
  • Bulk Garbage may not be placed out sooner than 12 hours before scheduled pick-up.
  • All new fences need a permit.
  • All swimming pools greater than (1 ½) feet located above or below ground must have a permit.
  • All swimming pools must be fenced.
  • All building must display their street number on the street side of building, visible from street.
  • It is unlawful to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, move, or convert any sign without first obtaining a permit.
  • No off-premise advertising signs are permitted within the City.
  • No fluttering, undulating, swinging, rotating, or moving signs or decorations are permitted.
  • Window signs shall not exceed 15% of the area of the window.
  • Only sign allowed for a garage sale is on the property of the garage sale.
  • Only one temporary sign may be displayed on a property at any one time.
  • Bicycles and skateboard are not allowed on the downtown business district sidewalks. (Sec. 74-223)
  • No more than two boats, recreational vehicles or trailers may be parked or stored outside a fully enclosed structure in the rear yard. If rear of lot is not accessible through driveway, a boat, recreational vehicle or trailer may be parked long term on the side yard as long as no portion extends past the plane of the house which abuts a public Right-of-Way other than an alley way.
  • A recreational vehicle may be parked or stored in a front or side yard on an existing driveway, from Memorial Day until Labor Day, as long as it is on a concrete, asphalt, or paving brick surface.