Snow Removal Regulations

Sidewalk snow removal is important to the safety and convenience of the many people using our city sidewalks for transportation each day, including school children, mail and newspaper carriers, walkers, and runners.

Letter from DPW

August 26, 2019

City of Lake Geneva Central Business District,

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not. On 12 August., 2019, the Lake Geneva City Council passed and adopted Ordinance 19-11;

'An ordinance amending subsections (a) and (b) of Section 62-223, Removal; Sidewalks to be Kept Clear, Snow and Ice of Article VII, Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places Chapter 62, of the Municipal Code of the City of Lake Geneva, Relating to snow removal.'

What This Means to Businesses in the Central Business District: Businesses shall now have 12 hours from the time snow stops falling to get their snow to the curb line to be picked up by City crews. Those that do not have their snow to the curb within 12 hours shall be responsible for the snow removal themselves and may be fined.

This entire procedure as always is very time sensitive. As crews must start the windrow process by 2 am, snow that stops at 3 pm or later on any given day shall not be picked up until the following morning after the 12 hour grace period ends. Snow that stops at 2 pm on a Monday will give the CBD until 2 am. Tuesday to clear sidewalks and get snow to the curb. Then Tuesday at 2 am, crews will windrow and remove the piles. Snow that stops at 3 pm on Monday would not be picked up until 2 am on Wednesday. Simply take the time the snow ends, add 12 hours, and if it is after 2 am it will be picked up the following morning. Crews also constantly battle illegally parked cars which slow us down tremendously, we also by Ordinance, have the ability to post temporary 'No Parking' signs or bag the meters during removal operations. You can help by making sure there are no cars illegally parked in front of your business until windrows are cleared and ask late night patrons to utilize public lots.

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation in this matter.

City of Lake Geneva DPW

1065 Carey Street
Lake Geneva WI 53147

Phone: 262-248-6644