Letter to Residents & Business Owners

To the City of Lake Geneva Residents and Business Owners, the following are zoning ordinances that will be enforced:

Signs on the Sidewalk

Private signs are not allowed within road right-of-way. You may not place signs on the sidewalks or a terrace.

Also, please don't prop open your doors as this can impede pedestrian traffic. You may not obstruct or encroach upon any public right-of-way.

Let's make it easy for the shoppers to walk in our business areas.

Roadway Signs

You may not place your business signs along a roadway. Any signs posted will be in violation. Signs posted in violation will be confiscated and available for pick up at the Building Department.

Temporary Signs

Please call the Building Department first. There are regulations regarding these. Only 1 at a time and you are only allowed to have one up for 30 days per year.

Window Obstruction

Obstructing windows with paper signs is not allowed. Also, window signs shall be limited to no more than 15% of the window area.


Garbage shall be taken care of properly. Overflowing dumpsters and debris lying around will not be allowed.

All of these ordinances are in place to improve the aesthetics of the area, reduce visual clutter, and keep the area free of blighted properties.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Code Enforcement

Phone: 262-249-4090