Patrol Officers

Police Department Squad CarThe patrol division includes 20 full-time officers. These officers are the face of the department and are the first responders to calls for service. Work includes patrolling assigned areas, responding to complaints, acting upon suspicious activity, enforcing traffic laws, investigating crimes and gathering evidence, maintaining public peace, and protecting the public and their property. The officers act as liaisons between the community and the police department.

As a premier tourist destination, Lake Geneva enjoys a marked increase in visitors from May through October. To meet the needs of this increased activity, 7 to 10 part-time officers are hired to work during these months. Part time officers concentrate their efforts in the downtown area and carry on the tradition of "walking a beat." In addition to foot patrol, reserve officers also work motorcycle and bicycle patrol.

School Resource Officer

During the school year, the department has a full-time officer assigned as a School Resource Officer for Badger High School and the Joint One School District which consists of the three elementary schools and the middle school. This partnership between the Lake Geneva Police Department and the Lake Geneva school district started in 1994 as a way to forge a closer relationship between the schools, students and police department. The School Resource Officer helps to maintain a safe learning environment and assists school staff and administration with child custody issues, court conditions, restraining orders, truancy problems, family issues, child abuse and neglect, sexual assaults, out of control students, and meetings with parents. The School Resource Officer also assists with the CounterAct and Safety Town programs and gives talks to students on topics such as theft, stranger danger, bicycle safety, crime scene investigation, and the effects of common drugs.

Crime Prevention Officer

The City of Lake Geneva also utilizes a Crime Prevention Officer. This Officer sets up and conducts community-based programs to combat crime and promote community safety. The Crime Prevention Officer works as a liaison between community groups and the police department to promote communication and build strong relationships. Examples of these community groups include neighborhood watch groups, civic organizations, youth groups, church groups and nursing homes.