911 Emergencies

Please remember the following if you find yourself in an emergency situation:

  • When to Call: A 911 emergency is a situation in which someone needs immediate help because he or she is injured or in immediate danger.
  • What to Say: When you call 911, the telecommunicator will ask what, where and who questions. Try to stay in control; the telecommunicator needs the answers to these questions to decide what type of help should be sent and where to send them. Speak slowly and clearly so the telecommunicator can understand you.
  • Don't hang up until the telecommunicator says it's okay.
  • 911 Mis-dials: If you dial 911 by mistake, don't just hang up. In our area, 911 call locations can be traced, and a police officer will be dispatched to that location to make sure everything is okay. Be sure to stay on the line and tell the telecommunicator what happened so he or she knows that there is no real emergency.