Appeal a Parking Ticket

How to File an Appeal

If you wish to contest a parking citation, you must complete and forward an appeal form to City Hall for Administrative Review. You will not accrue any late fees or fines while in the appeal process.

  • Please do not submit payment with the appeal, as no refunds will be issued
  • Appeals must be submitted within 30 days of ticket issue date

Access the Citizen Control portal to pay or appeal.

By Mail

City of Lake Geneva
Attn: Parking
626 Geneva Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

View and download the Appeal Form (PDF).

In Person

City Hall Drop Box (located outside and in lobby)


Email Parking Services Department

You will be notified with a binding decision.

Common Reasons That Your Ticket Will Not Be Dismissed

  • I do not agree with the parking regulation
  • I was just there for a short time
  • Lack of legal space
  • Time constraints ("only a minute late")
  • No one else got a ticket
  • Didn't see sign
  • Lack of convenient space
  • I did not know I could not park there