Parking Fines

All City Parking Ordinances are enforced daily. Parking tickets double after 10 days. Avoid parking tickets and enjoy your visit!

  • No Parking in Unpaid Stall - No Backing into Stalls - No Parking Over the Line
  • No Parking on Yellow Curb - No Parking Zones
  • All fines double after 10 days of issuance

Tickets can be paid online, by phone at 262-394-7247, in person and by mail.

Parking Violations & Fines

Expired Parking Stall
More than 3 Motorcycles
Parking Sticker Violation
Backed into Parking Stall
Compact Stall Violation
No Parking Zone
Parking by Fire Hydrant
Handicap Zone

City of Lake Geneva Parking Ordinances

Chapter 74. Traffic and Vehicles Article 74-221. Parking Meters

Fines are payable immediately. Fines double if not paid within 10 days. Fines may be paid using any of the following methods: hand-deliver to City Hall Front Desk; deposit in either of 24/7 secure payment boxes at City Hall (yellow pay box on sidewalk outside City Hall or pay box in foyer of City Hall) or place in an envelope with appropriate postage and mail to the address on ticket.

Please note that the City of Lake Geneva does place unpaid tickets with a collection agency and additional charges will apply. Multiple violations could result in the suspension/refusal of your vehicle registrations with the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation.