Welcome Residents & Parking Permit Holders

The City of Lake Geneva offers several parking permit options for residents, non-residents, business owners, and Walworth County residents.

Please note displaying and/or purchasing a permit does note guarantee a parking space.

Types of Parking Permits Offered

  • Resident (2 Year/Complimentary up to 4) (Non-Transferable) - Current Vehicle Registration and Utility Bill (Within 30 Days)
  • Non-Resident Property Owner (2 Year/Complimentary up to 4) (Non-Transferable) - Current Vehicle Registration and Utility Bill (Within 30 Days)
  • Business Owner in the City of Lake Geneva (2 Year/$50) (Non-Transferable) - Current Vehicle Registration and proof of Business License
  • Walworth County (2 Year/$160) (Non-Transferable) - Current Vehicle Registration and Utility Bill (Within 30 Days)
  • Parking Lot Pass (1 Year/$400) - Current Vehicle Registration for Primary Holder

Rules for Resident, Non-Resident, Business Owner or Walworth County Permit Holders

  • Permit holders are issued a sticker registered to their vehicle that allows one 3 hour block of parking time. You can move to any stall within those 3 hours. Your free time does not start over until the next day, nor can it be split into segments on the same day. You are subject to a ticket if your vehicle stays over 3 hours without paying the meter. 
  • Vehicle stickers must be visible and properly affixed to the windshield to be valid.
  • Permits are non-transferable and must match license plate registration.
  • Permit holders are subject to all parking regulations including a $20 fine for "Improper Display" of a permit.

Apply for Parking Permits

To obtain a parking permit you will need to provide a current vehicle registration and current utility bill. These documents can be either be:

Receive Your Parking Permit

If your documents are mailed, emailed, or placed in the drop box, the City will automatically mail permits to your local residential address. If you wish to pickup up your permits, please notify the Parking Department at the time of application and also include a contact phone number or email address. There is no charge for the first 4 Resident permits for any household. If you are applying for a Business or Walworth County permit, please mail payment in along with copies of your documents.  If your documents are emailed in, you will have to pick up the permit in person.

Parking Lot Pass Holders - Annual

  • Allows a vehicle to park without paying the meter at the Cook Street lot, Geneva Street lot, Center Street lot, and Wells St lot at $400 per year
  • Can be transferred between vehicles
  • To Apply you must apply in person at City Hall or call 262-248-3673 for more information

Contractor, Construction Parking Permits & Reserved Parking

You must apply in person at City Hall or call 262-249-4087 for more information.