Garbage & Recycling

Garbage is collected weekly and recycling every other week, with automated equipment by Johns Disposal Service, Inc. If you have questions, please call 888-473-4701.

Collection Days

  • Monday: Collection includes homes on and south of Main Street.
  • Wednesday: Collection include homes north of Main Street


  • Place containers on curb line away from trees, telephone poles or other obstacles
  • Garbage must be placed out by 5 am on your day of collection
  • Garbage may not be placed on the curb more than 12 hours before your collection day
  • Containers must be taken back the same day as collection.

Bulk Collection

  • Second week of the month
  • Items may be placed "loose" curbside

Winter Collection

  • Place containers curbside, so they can be reached from the street

The entire year's collection schedule is available on the Johns Disposal Service webpage.

Garbage Collection Rules

Curbside Garbage Pickup Picture

To aid the Street Department in the process of timely snow removal, garbage and recycling containers and bulk items should be placed at a point between the curb and the sidewalk near or on the driveway approach by 6 am on collection day. Garbage and recycling cans should not be placed on the roadway at any time. Garbage cans should be returned to their storage location by 8 pm on the day of collection.

Please Contact Code Enforcement at 262-249-4090 with any questions.

Container Regulations

Garbage and recyclables must be placed in the containers provided. Containers must be placed curbside with the arrow on the container facing the street.

Mandatory Recycling

Recycling is mandatory statewide as of January 1, 1995. Recyclables are collected curbside in an alternate week program. A separate truck will pick up your recyclables on the same day as your regular garbage.

General Guidelines: Set the provided recycling container out on the curb on your normal collection day at least five feet from your regular waste by 5 am.