Leaf & Brush Pick Up

Spring & Fall Pickup

April, May, October and November.

No curbside pickup of any kind during the summer.

Leaf & Brush Pick Up Schedule

2022 SpringFirst date to set materials curbside: March 28, 2022 at 6 am
Last date to set materials curbside: May 27, 2022 at 6 am
2022 FallFirst date to set materials curbside: October 3, 2022 at 6 am
Last date to set materials curbside: November 23, 2022 at 6 am

All items must be in the gutter or on the edge of the terrace by Monday morning during the scheduled pick-up weeks only. Items will be picked up sometime during that week. Anything placed on the terrace after the Street Department has picked up will not be collected until the next scheduled week.

Grass clippings are never picked up.

There is a designated area for citizen disposal of brush, leaves, garden waste, weeds, and grass clippings at the Street Department at 1065 Carey Street. If you bring waste in bags, please dump and take the bags home with you. This site is monitored. The site is accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

In order to facilitate pickup by the chipper truck, please adhere to the following:

  1. All brush must be placed on terrace by the curb. Parked cars cannot block the pile.
  2. All brush must be placed trunk/butt-end toward the curb in a neat stack on terrace.
  3. All brush must be no more than 6' in length and not more than 6 inches in diameter.
  4. Do not put brush in or on top of leaves. Keep brush in one pile and leaves in another pile.
  5. If you hire a contractor for tree work or leaf raking, your contractor must take all tree and leaf debris with them.
  6. Keep any and all foreign objects out of brush pile. This includes animal feces.
  7. Root stumps, sod and dirt will not be picked up. This is the responsibility of the resident.
  8. If the above conditions are not met, material will not be picked up.
  9. There may be a charge for any brush piles requiring longer than 5 minutes to collect.
  10. There may be a charge for any pickup requiring special pick-up such as a loader and truck.
  11. City trees are not to be trimmed by the property owner-the City will trim as required. Call 262-248-6644 for assistance.
  12. Do not place brush on the terrace outside of the collection dates shown. It will not be picked up.

For more information about Public Works programs, view and download the 2022/2023 Public Works Program brochure (PDF).