The Beach

The Riviera Beach
Vintage Riviera Beach Picture

The Riviera Beach is located on Wrigley Drive close proximity to the Geneva Lake Path, the Lake Geneva Library, the Riviera Ballroom and within walking distance from restaurants and the business district.

The City of Lake Geneva is offering two ways to purchase beach passes. Cash using $10 bills only or Debit/Credit Card at the 3 beach Kiosks. 

Beach Rates

  • $10 per person
  • Children age 6 and under are free
  • Seasonal Pass are $100 per year

The Rivera Beach is always open to the public. Admission is charged during business hours (9 am until 6 pm every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day) when lifeguards are on duty.

When Lifeguards are not on duty, the beach is still open to the public and swimming is at your own risk.

The Riviera Beach is open during summer months, beginning May 27, 2023 through September 4, 2023, with Lifeguards on duty from 9:30 am to 6 pm (weather permitting) with the following exceptions:

  • There will be no Lifeguards on duty May 30 to June 2
  • There will be no lifeguards on duty August 28 to September 1

On Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and after August 13, Lifeguards will be on duty 10 am to 5 pm.

Beach bathrooms are open when the beach is staffed during business hours. Bathroom facilities are available in Library Park when closed at the beach.

Daily Admission Wristbands

Daily admission to the beach can be purchased at any of the 3 pay stations located near the beach entrance during regular beach hours. The pay stations only accept $10 bills  or debit and credit cards. The pay stations do not give change.

Upon payment, the pay station will issue a voucher that is redeemed at the Beach House for the wristband(s). The beach attendants are there to assist you with using the pay stations.

Resident Beach Passes

Resident Annual Beach Passes are available to individuals who reside in the City of Lake Geneva.

Beach passes may be purchased for $3 each and up to 6 passes per residence.

Please submit a copy of your current utility bill and the fee, either by mail or drop box at City Hall; or by email. They may also be purchased at Lake Geneva City Hall (626 Geneva Street).

Note: Residents must show a current utility bill with their Lake Geneva address as proof of residence. Owning property alone is not a qualification for obtaining beach passes. The beach pass must be displayed in order to be granted admission to the beach area. Passes are not refundable or replaceable

  • Beach Rules

  • No Glass Containers
  • No Pop-Up Canopies
  • No Tables Larger Than 2 by 2 (Limit 1)
  • No Alcohol/Drugs
  • No Smoking or Vaping
  • Dogs and Other Pets Are Not Allowed
  • No Knives or Weapons
  • Food and Personal Flotation Devices Are Allowed in the Beach Area


  • Metered parking is available along the beachfront 
  • No change or refund given at meter. Parking is enforced from 9 am to 7 pm Daily.
  • Free parking is located several blocks in on smaller side streets
  • Please see instructions how to use the meter or download PARKMOBILE App before your visit

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are provided at the Riviera Beach by the Water Safety Patrol.

For more information on swimming lessons, contact the Water Safety Patrol at 262-245-6577 or visit the Water Safety Patrol website.

The beach is open to the public every day of the week. Admission is charged during business hours when Lifeguards are on duty.

Water Conditions

Water Conditions

During the beach season, water quality is tested weekly and the results are posted on this webpage. The beach is under Advisory if the average beach level of contaminates exceeds 235 cfu/100 ml. The beach is closed if the average level exceeds 1000 cfu/100 ml, or if a health hazard or major pollution event exists. Current water conditions can be found on the Geneva Lake Environmental Agency's website