Short Term Rentals

Your Information Hub for Short Term Rentals in Lake Geneva

Short Term Rentals are a topic of much discussion in communities across Wisconsin, including Lake Geneva. 

This page is mean to provide the community with facts concerning the issue, and links to a variety of short term rental information. 

Lake Geneva has three rental type categories:

  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Commercial Indoor Lodging (hotels, motels, etc.)
  • Short Term Rentals

 Please note, all three types can and do advertise on rental sites such as but not limited to AirBnB and VRBO. 

State Laws and Local Ordinances

Wisconsin State Statute 66.1014 concerns short term rentals. Please read this section carefully, as it dictates the limitations imposed on communities who wish to regulate this type of operation. 

Cities cannot enact laws which run contrary to State law. 

Local regulations concerning Short Term Rentals can be found in the City of Lake Geneva Ordinance 98-206 (y). 

Registered Short Term Rentals

Please be aware that the list shown here is subject to change as individual property owners join or remove themselves from the list.  If you believe there is a short-term rental property operating in the City which is not registered and not on this list, please contact the City’s Building and Zoning Department.

Issues & Complaints

On occasion, short term rentals can be a source of nuisance complaints. It is important for residents to contact the appropriate City Department when there is an issue. The City cannot maintain records for potential legal action against a short term rental owner if the City is not made aware of specific incidents.  

To ensure staff safety, it is imperative that any complaint or call that requires immediate response, or has any potential for confrontation MUST be made to the Police Department.  262-248-4455