What happens at my initial appearance?

When you arrive at Court, please print your name on the "sign-up" sheet located at the court clerk's window. All names are called according to the order listed on the sign-up sheet. When your name is called, you should approach the bench. The Judge will ask you to enter a plea of not guilty, no contest, or guilty.

If you enter a not guilty plea, the next stage of the legal process is a Pre-Trial Conference with the City Attorney which will be held that day for juveniles or at a later date for adults. If you wish to enter a not guilty plea without appearing in Court for your initial appearance, you must enter your not guilty plea in writing to the Court prior to the scheduled date. If you enter a not guilty plea (PDF) in writing, please provide your name, current mailing address, current telephone number, and the citation number.

If you plead either no contest or guilty, the Judge will find you guilty and impose a sentence. Usually, the sentence will be imposed the same night as the initial appearance.

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