If I am found guilty, can I appeal?

Yes, if you are found guilty, you have the right to appeal to the Walworth County Circuit Court. The court will provide you with a copy of your appeal rights and the appellate fees. If the municipality loses, it also has the right to appeal the case.If you decide to appeal, you must do so by filing a written Notice of Appeal (PDF) with the Municipal Court within 20 days of the date of your conviction (judgment). At the same time, you must remit appellate fees payable to "Clerk of Courts, Walworth County". New trials in the Circuit Court are tried without a jury, unless you request a jury trial in your Notice of Appeal. Upon payment of the appellate fee, jury fee and the amount of your penalty, you will then receive a jury trial in the Circuit Court.

You also have a right to file a written Motion to Re-open (PDF) a judgment, within six months of your judgment only for good cause. There will be an additional cost ranging from $0 to $300 per Wisconsin State Statute 814.07. Your request must be accompanied by a $25 deposit in cash, check or money order. Should your request be denied, this amount will be refunded. Motions to re-open a trial decision are based upon the approval of the Municipal Judge.

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