Can't get to the polls on Election Day?

We can help with that! You can request to have an absentee ballot sent to you a number of different ways. The request to receive an absentee ballot has to be made to the City Clerk's Office in writing, so you can send us an application for an absentee ballot, a letter in the mail or an email! No matter how you request an absentee ballot a copy of a proper Photo ID is always required. Don't have a copier or scanner at home to make a copy of your Photo ID? No problem! Simply use your smart phone, snap a picture of it, and email Elections.

Not sure if you have an acceptable form of Photo ID for voting purposes? No worries! Visit the Bring It to the Ballot website to find a list of acceptable Photo ID's

View and download an Application for an Absentee Ballot (PDF).

Request an Absentee Ballot on the MyVote website.

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