What are some other important tips?
  • If you live on a corner, all sidewalks must be cleared. Pay special attention to crosswalks, maintaining clear paths even after the roads are plowed to maintain ADA compliance at all times.
  • Do not blow snow beyond your neighbor's fence line.
  • Do not shovel snow onto neighboring properties or into the street.
  • Make arrangements with a neighbor or a snow removal service to care for your property if you are going to be on vacation or are otherwise unable to shovel your walk in a timely way.
  • Consider helping your neighbors with snow removal when they are out of town or when health issues become obstacles.
  • If for some reason the snow and ice is unable to be completely removed during the allotted time period, salt or sand will need to be applied until such time as the snow and ice can be completely removed.

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3. What are some other important tips?
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